How often can I apply to the Foundation?

You can apply for consideration once a year for one of our two grant cycles. Our board reviews grant recommendations at its March and September board meetings, for which the application deadlines are December 1st and July 1st , respectively. You cannot re-apply for the September board meeting, if your request was declined at the March meeting. However, if you were declined in September, you may file an application by December 1st for the following March board meeting, because that meeting falls in a new calendar year.

Can I apply for a grant if my organization is located outside your service area, but has programs within your service area?

In order to be eligible under our guidelines, the program must have a track record of at least 12 months of operation within our service area and show other funders from the local community supporting your work here. Frankly, these types of requests are less competitive, unless the program is well established with documented success and impact. It is best to call us to discuss your plans before applying, so that we can be sure your application will fare well in our evaluation process.

What are the reporting requirements?

If you receive a grant from us, you are required to submit a final report to tell us how you spent the funds. Final reports on previous grants must be submitted before you can apply for funding again. You can find the guidelines on preparing final reports here: final report form.

Is there any advantage or disadvantage to the type of request I make? In other words, will I have a better chance of getting a grant if I apply for sponsorship instead of general operating support?

We treat each type of grant we make equally, so there is no advantage or disadvantage whether you apply for general operating support, a project grant, sponsorship or capital grant. You should choose what you request based on what you need most, and how you can leverage other funders to support your work.