Tips & Suggestions

How to Submit a Competitive Application

  • Take time to review the guidelines and eligibility requirements on the website to ensure your proposal is appropriate and relates to our funding priorities.
  • Be sure to include an itemized list of corporate and foundation funders on your budget page. We look for a broad base of support, showing diversity and balance. The more information you can provide, the stronger your application will be.
  • If your organization provides services beyond that of Foundation’s funding area, tailor your narrative and examples of past success to only those towns we serve. We only fund programs or projects within our service area.
  • When describing the outcome measures in your application, be sure to quantify the impact that the requested grant will have on your operations or project, and how you will measure success. If you are funded, this will be an excellent place to refer back to in your final report.
  • Be concise and specific in your narrative. Be sure to answer the primary point of each question succinctly.
  • Maintain a positive tone; write in an active voice.
  • Complete the entire online application. Double-check spelling, grammar, readability and math.
  • If you are seeking sponsorship for a fundraising event taking place outside our service area, your request will not be competitive.

How to Assure the Smooth Processing of Your Application

  • Make sure you have uploaded all of the required documentation.
  • Make sure you have submitted any outstanding final reports on previous funding before submitting a new application. Failure to submit necessary final reports will stop your application from being processed.
  • Check the date on your IRS non-profit incorporation letter and make sure it is current and still in effect (many have expiration dates).
  • Keep your budget page clear and simple, so that we can understand how your organization receives and spends money, who your primary and secondary funders are, and the status of your finances.
  • Be sure your contact information is current. If we need to call or email you to follow-up, the accuracy of this information is imperative.