Final Report

Final Report Guidelines for All Grants

Organizations are required to submit a Final Report before a new application for funding will be considered by NewAlliance Foundation.

In an effort to ease administrative burden on our non-profit partners during the pandemic, NewAlliance Foundation has simplified our Final Report requirements with two narrative questions.

Please use your organization’s letterhead to answer the following questions in one page. In the upper right hand corner, state your organization, the title of the program for which you received funding, the grant amount you received, the date of your grant award, and the date of your final report.

Please repeat each question using bold type, and use a 12 font size or greater for your narrative answers.

Completed Final Reports can be emailed to: or mailed to: Susan Burlingame, NewAlliance Foundation, 195 Church Street, 7th Floor, New Haven, CT 06510.

For General Operating Requests & Program Requests:

Remember to answer questions 1-2 in one page.

1. Describe how your organization continued to carry out its mission and purpose within the challenges of the pandemic. Note difficulties and successes.

2. In paragraph form, tell us how grant funds were utilized to assist your work.